Hey guys,

Here is a small list of the things I have been working on and finished so far, it is not complete by any means,  however it would keep you informed about the current state of the game.

Some new major features will be on the next log,  make sure you wont miss it by subscribing to our newsletter at Ludoria.com.


  • improving the visuals of the game by tweaking and modifying the terrain shaders.
  • Implementing a persistent saving system using sqlite
  • Improved battle and Ludoroms AI
  • Fixed several skills and attack mechanisms to be a base for the upcoming new Ludoroms
  • User interface- Almost fully functional, it relies on the sqlite implementation
  • Updated info bars above wild Ludoroms
  • Implemented a functional exp earning after a battle
  • Implemented leveling system for owned Ludoroms
  • And several other things that I have probably forgot.

Keep an eye for the next log as some more interesting new features will be in it.

Thank you.