Hey guys,


In this update we have focused on updating the overall graphical aspect of the game. There are still many improvements coming up soon, but here is what we did so far.

New weather management system with 3D volumetric clouds system:

The game now supports volumetric clouds system and that makes a huge difference already! The weather is now dynamic and controlled by the world humidity and temperature. The sky may be clear for a moment and then suddenly changes to a stormy/rainy/snowy mood depending on your location.

Clear sky


Stormy day

Improved ambient lighting:

The overall ambient lighting of the world has been improved to create a natural contrast between the sun diffuse intensity and the occluded regions.

Improved shadows system:

The shadowing in the game is dynamic and calculated in real time. One major improvement we recently made is to make the grass receive the voxel world shadows dynamically. This improved the overall graphical quality of the game.

New biomes:

We  already started on introducing new biomes to make the world generation even more interesting and diverse, one of the main upcoming biomes is a floating island paradise.




Of course a randomly generated infnite voxel world wouldn’t be complete without water! Water will not only be an eye candy feature to admire and relax watching, but also will affect the ludoroms spawning.


All these features will be showcased in details in an upcoming gameplay video.