News and Development blog for Ludoria game

/News and Development blog for Ludoria game

Graphical update(Shadows,grass, atmosphere..)

Hey guys,   In this update we have focused on updating the overall graphical aspect of the game. There are still many improvements coming up soon, but here is what we did so far. New weather management system with 3D volumetric clouds system: The game now supports volumetric clouds system and that makes a huge [...]

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Ludorom Showcase #1

Hey guys, We wanted to start this showcase series where you can learn more about each Ludorom individually as we progress. A detailed description will be available on our work-in-progress wiki page. We will start by introducing our newly added Ludorom to the game. We didn't decide yet about it's name.   Special abilities: Be [...]

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Dev Log 1

The past month was spent focusing on revealing the game for the first time to the public. It was very hard to spread the word fast enough and get the required support, but nonetheless, we are happy with the results. The major step we did was submitting the game to Steam Greenlight. We still think [...]

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Website is still under construction

Hello everybody, As you may have already noticed, this website, is still under construction. Expect to see major changes frequently. We are still not happy with the homepage and we will most likely simplify it. If you have any suggestions, please feel free to express it 🙂

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Welcome to Ludoria’s development blog!

Welcome, In this blog we will be posting regular updates and development news about Ludoria the game. We encourage everyone to subscribe to our newsletter if you want to get notified by email.

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