The past month was spent focusing on revealing the game for the first time to the public. It was very hard to spread the word fast enough and get the required support, but nonetheless, we are happy with the results.
The major step we did was submitting the game to Steam Greenlight. We still think that we rushed things a little bit and we didn’t really show what the game is capable of and therefore get the deserved attention.
After spending many hours promoting the game and trying to target as many people as possible, we got back to development, Yay!
Our main focus right now is to work on building the basis of the combat system. That’s not an easy task at all, seeing that the player has the ability to control every single Ludorom (monster) as a separate character, we have to work on every aspect of it.
Every Ludorom will have three to four unique initial skills, some of them are attacking skills, and some are complimentary skills that you can use to fly around, swim, dig, build, etc…

We plan on developing a skill tree system that will allow you to add points to your skills and improve them as your monster level up, and also unlock a higher level skills doing so. But this would require much more resources, funding, and time, it can be implemented faster if our upcoming Kickstarter campaign is successful, fingers crossed!

On the next blog entry I will be showing you the actual skills being worked on right now!
Until then, have a great day.